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The spirit of a girl still lingers in the mortal realm, refusing to let go her sorrow. As a psychopomp, you must travel the hamlet the girl grew up in and visit the past, present and memories of it. Collect mementos and hints about her life. When you have learned enough, confront the spirit and use your knowledge to put her to rest.

Sincerepity is a short item-hunt game made in RPG Maker MV. The goal of the project was to create a small 10-20 minute game in order to learn the tool. The entire game uses strictly what comes with the tool, with no external assets or plug-ins used.

Despite being labelled as a "prototype", the game has an ending and can be completed. However, it lacks the polish of a full game.


  • Arrow keys to move, left click on a tile to dash to it
  • Z to examine and confirm
  • X to open the menu and cancel
  • Shift to switch between timelines

Feel free to leave any comments on the game on my Twitter page.

Install instructions

Just extract the zipped file wherever you'd like and run the game by clicking game.exe


Sincerepity.zip 108 MB


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Hi MDKII!! I am enjoying the game!

Thank you :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!